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Introducing 428Pharma.

The Right Medication to the Right Patient

Our Story

A team of former senior directors from big pharma with combined 60+ years and more than 60 projects in diagnostics and 505(b)(2) drug development have secured exclusive worldwide rights to a high value asset, made available by a recent well-publicized R&D restructuring and divestment.

Our Portfolio

Escitalopram LAI (Long Acting Injectable)

An early stage asset at formulation stage.  With the discovery and patenting of a novel salt to Escitalopram we can bring the first SSRI depot to the market.


  • First depot injection for SSRI for a vast depression market estimated at $15.8Bn in 2025

  • 505(b)(2) truncated development with LOE Q4 2038.  Opportunity to out-license end of phase I

  • Estimated potential peak sales of over $1.5Bn (US and EU big 5)


Why 428 Pharma?

Experienced pharma team with over 60 projects between the team in the area of diagnostics and 505(b)(2) drug development

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